Get to know me.


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Professionally, I’m an effective communicator with a master’s degree in nonfiction and publishing.  I produce concise, user-specific content derived from research-based insights that increases engagement and brand confidence. When writing for the web or native mobile apps, my content design mantra is “mobile first.”

Personally, I’m just a girl who loves her dog, narrative, and late nights spent binging on Frasier.

Generally, narrative sustains me. It’s my creative outlet, my bread and butter, my connection to the ever-changing world around me. I don’t have a preference in medium because it’s all the same to me. Memoir. Blog articles. Corporate content. I write to underscore the value of a topic, a product, a movement. I write to invoke action.

Also, I have a deep passion for editing. To write well, you must appreciate the importance of revision.

I work for State Farm Property and Casualty Insurance as a UX writer. I’ve had book reviews, essays, and articles published in Sundog LitCleaver Magazine, and Superstition Review. On the weekends, I manage editorial interns and edit nonfiction for Cleaver Magazine.

My nonfiction piece “Can Iron Catch Flame,” published by Sundog Lit, was recently nominated for the Sundress Publications 2018 Best of the Net Anthology

For more specific information on my academic and professional journey, check out my resume included above. You will need a password to access it.

Send me a message if you’re interested in working with me, or if you’d like the password to view my resume and portfolios.